Caleigh Bird Art

Hello my loooooves!!!! Let me start by apologizing to Caleigh Bird, publicly! This blog should have been up weeks ago. To be honest, I’ve been struggling to find balance in our new ventures and the addition of our sweet Juliet. Please forgive me Caleigh!

Caleigh sent a beautiful portrait of our girls to me, last month, and my heart melted into a giant puddle. Her artistry is incredible and she perfectly captured the girls and their love for one another. I am truly impressed at how beautiful the portrait turned out. My lack of creativity allows me to truly appreciate a great artist and their beautiful work. Caleigh is a great artist! We keep one of her post cards on our desk because we’re obsessed with the sketch. We don’t even know the person in it! THAT is how beautiful her art is.

To see Caleigh’s work please visit her website right here!

Thank you for your patience with me, Caleigh. And thank you A MILLION TIMES OVER for the portrait that I know I’ll cherish for all of time.

May your day be full of love & laughter!



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